Own a business? Your phone system may need to change.

Many European providers decided to end a commonly used phone service called ISDN, and replace it with another service called SIP. SIP services are actually better. But this doesn't make the switch...


Unified Communications: when the cloud is not enough

Cloud use is booming in Germany. When it comes to Unified Communications (UC), many companies use the cloud or UC as a Service (UC-aaS). However, when introducing this, it’s important to use the...


Hotels: do you really need new phones for your IP-PBX?

I'm a technology nut. I read tech blogs, help with tech betas and browse electronic stores in my free time. It's rare for me to tell someone "don't buy that tech." But I can't remember the last...


Intellinet partners with beroNet to provide seamless integration between SIP and PSTN devices in Belgium

Another SIP provider joined our list of beroNet supported providers! Belgium provider Intellinet completed our compatibility testing and a configuration template is now available to download in...


Switching to All-IP in 8 steps

BT Group has announced its intention to completely shut down their ISDN network and transition to VOIP technology by 2025. Small and medium-sized companies especially dread steps toward a new...


How to install 3CX for Debian in the beroNet Appliance

Our last 3CX for Linux post showed how to install Debian and then 3CX. 3CX later developed a single ISO file that will automatically install the entire 3CX for Debian system.


When to use a VoIP Gateway

VoIP Gateways function as a translation device or bridge that connects old analog or ISDN telecommunication technologies with the newer SIP or VoIP systems. Though the device itself is simple, it...


Next Generation Modular VoIP Gateways Enter Public Beta

BERLIN – After completing a successful private BETA, beroNet GmbH will launch a public beta for its new modular VoIP Gateways (BNGW-M, BNGW-L and BNGW-XL). This updated generation of beroNet VoIP...


beroNet partners with USA-VoIP to bring Cloud Managed VoIP Gateways to North and South America

BERLIN-- beroNet GmbH, a German manufacturer of cloud-managed VoIP hardware, partnered with Florida distributor USA-VoIP to bring next generation VoIP Gateways to both North and South America....


Security Issue Found in Gateways running 2.x and 3.x Firmware

We discovered a major security issue that gives anyone with HTTP access to your VoIP Gateway the ability to access the device's configuration files. At this time we believe that all current 2.x and...

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