beroNet is pleased to offer greater and optimum performance with their load balancing solution. Using the Berlin based company’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) load balancing solution, companies can support a higher volume of traffic.

SIP-LoadbalancerThe outbreak of COVID-19 and its consequences show that the ability to support higher volumes of traffic is key, in terms of future accessibility and security. The SIP load balancing solution is used to set up, change and end multimedia IP sessions, including VoIP telephony; video; face-2-face; streaming media and instant messaging.

To achieve this, server platforms must be managed correctly so that all servers can be used efficiently. If a network does not support or does not have SIP optimization functions, such as a dedicated SIP load balancer, complications can arise. Complications could mean increased server downtime; production downtime and/or an increased risk for data traffic due to security breaches.

With the SIP load balancer, all servers can be used simultaneously and effectively. Both incoming and outgoing data traffic is promptly and correctly processed, avoiding delays, traps and other issues that could lead to bottlenecks or crashes. Company networks should not only be equipped with efficient SIPs, they should also use an optimized solution that is reliable and prevents security problems across SIP server platforms.

With increasingly high levels of traffic, as has been the case of late, the SIP load balancer must be able to distribute and balance the incoming data traffic in order to guarantee the availability of services. Furthermore, the SIP load balancer should not only match the current volume of traffic but should also expand in order to cope with the increasing traffic and high call volumes. Unlimited call handling, SIP load balancing, traffic acceleration and performance optimization ensure the success of the network and avoid wasted time, increased downtime and excessive costs.

The solution needs to cope with bottlenecks in real-time overload in order that the connection to the server can be maintained. With gateways that can be controlled using an appropriate software app, the SIP load balance offers unrestricted performance and supports any environment. Upgrading for unrestricted performance secures bandwidth and functionality if requirements change later.

For beroNet’s initial customers, this type of SIP load distribution is already in operation with several gateways and those connected to old telephone systems that have to serve a large number of connections. For the first time, the telecommunications provider TeleForte AG is offering a hardware and software SIP load balancing solution from beroNet, as this technical requirement is necessary for one of TeleForte AG’s major customers. TeleForte AG has been one of the market leaders in modern and professional corporate communication for over 15 years, offering future proofed cloud-based telephone systems. TeleForte AG’s SIP load balancing solution is supported through state-of-the-art solutions for fixed network telephony/DSL via SIP.

Demand has increased significantly and will continue to do so after the Corona crisis comes to an end. The goal for beroNet is to absorb the current increase in demand and to manage accessibility more safely. beroNet emphasise that they will expand in this area and continue to offer optimum solutions.

Dirk Weckerle

Author: Dirk Weckerle

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