beroNet launched the world's first Cloud-based VoIP gateway administration service in June 2011. With effect from 1 April 2020 the access conditions for beroCloud services have been changed with new pricing.
Christian Richter, CEO of beroNet says: 

“I’m proud and happy that so many customers are using the beroCloud service to manage and monitor their devices. After 9 years of development, scaling and improving the beroCloud, we now have a large customer base with several thousands of devices managed by the cloud.
Now the time has come to scale the cloud further as more and more customers are joining. Also we want to add more security, more stability, speed up the UI and add much more features. We can only do that if we start charging the beroCloud service.
After carefully studying different subscription models, we came to the conclusion that a per device per year model with quantity based slab-wise structure fits best and is most transparent.
The partners and distributors of beroNet can take advantage of the special slab-wise pricing in distinction to the list price, and have the possibility of reselling the subscription to their customers .”

What do I get for the subscription?
The beroCloud is a service which allows you to manage and monitor beroNet devices. It allows to create customers and locations in order to keep track where the devices are located. It shows all the device details including installed modules, statistics, Device- , Ports- and SIP states. Alarm triggers can be set to inform you whenever something is wrong, the triggers can even be set to see if an ISDN line has errors by keeping track of the CRC-Counters / day. You can schedule Tasks for the device which include configuration regular backup creation, updating the firmware, installing Apps or simply creating a NAT-pass-through tunnel to the device' WebGUI. 

The beroCloud service does not need forwarded ports. The devices will send regular https-requests to the cloud and report their current state. They will also ask the cloud if it has a task to do for it. The remote management tunnel will then be created from inside the private network to the internet.

Which features are you going to see soon?

We want to improve the cloud and make the installation of beroNet SBCs, Gateways and Appliances even simpler and less expensive. Our major next feature is a Zerotouch autoconfiguration feature. An Integrator can simply order a device and ship it directly to the End-Customer site, he must enter the serialnumber and MAC-Address in his Cloud account. The End-Customer (or some low-skilled engineer) installs the device physically and when the device boots it will connect to the cloud and automatically register with the Integrators account. This way he can remotely configure the device. Related to this feature a template configuration engine is planned as well. It will allow to create a template configuration which can be used for several devices at once. 

How does the subscription model work?

Each organisation which is directly linked to beroNet will have the option to buy a subscription within the Cloud User Interface. The subscription has a yearly term and sums up all devices that are related to the organisation and its sub-organisations.

If a new device is added or removed mid-term the subscription changes and a prorated invoice or credit-note is generated.

Discounts are taken into account automatically and depend on the type of account 

How does the Migration to the payment model work?

All customer which do not have a subscription already will be in a 30 days trial mode by 2020 1. of April. Customers can still use all the cloud functions and register new devices during this period and they can buy the subscription any time.

At the end of the trial, the customer can’t access the cloud interface anymore and can’t register devices anymore, but he can still unlock his account by buying a subscription, his devices and configurations will still be present.

After a reasonable time of at least 3 months, beroNet will clean-up accounts that are locked without a subscription. 

What about Value added distributor (VADs)?

Organisations with the VAD role can have resellers and Partners as their customers (VARs). VADs can also buy a subscription for all their Resellers and End-Customers. Each time the VAR of the VAD register a new device the VAD will be invoiced or credited if he deregister a device.

If VADs wish to transfer their Resellers to beroNet, so that beroNet handles the billing process with the Reseller and receive a comission for this process, they shall request more information with their beroNet account manager.
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Christian Richter

Author: Christian Richter

Since 2000 Christian – who originally studied Physics – has been designing software for telecommunication solutions. Reaching from ISDN to SIP he has strong knowledge and extensive experience in telecommunications protocols, which allows him to always come up with new ideas and communicate creatively with our customers. Christian is the CEO and a co-founder of beroNet GmbH.

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