Gateway firmware 16.1 beta is available

beroNet's 16.1 VoIP Gateway firmware is now available for public testing. This update introduces features that increase both the speed and simplicity of installing a beroNet VoIP Gateway. To...


We Updated our Gateway Firmware Numbering System

Improved Development Techniques Reflected in Updated Gateway Firmware Numbering

After adopting a new development technique we improved our ability to rapidly add useful features and squash pesky...


How to connect two distant sites via VoIP

VoIP systems and internet connectivity provide a unique opportunity for companies with multiple locations to communicate inexpensively around the world. With the proper technology, it is possible...


How to attract more business as a VoIP expert

New business development in VoIP follows many of the same principles used in other markets; most important of these principles is to ensure that you are where your customers are. Today people look to...


What is a VoIP Gateway?

What is a VoIP gateway? A VoIP gateway is a bridge between classic telephony technology and new VoIP technology that allows communication to cross from one form of technology to the other.


Peter Johnson wins CeBIT All-IP Challenge

Peter Johnson from Schwartz GmbH & Co. KG wins a VoIP Only Telephony Appliance 2.0 XL after completing the beroNet All-IP Challenge at the CeBIT 2016.


BRI to All-IP Conversion with beroNet's New 4 BRI High Precision Clock Module

beroNet is now offering a 4 BRI high precision clock module; ideal for converting BRI/4S0 PBX systems to All-IP.


beroNet Appliance 2.0 Wins First in Telecommunication Innovation


ISDN and the Role It Plays in Your VoIP Installation

Defining ISDN

Integrated Services Digital Network or ISDN is a set of standards or digital "language" used when sending digital transmissions over the public switched telephone network. There are...


beroNet Builds First Cloud Managed Telephony Appliance

BERLIN - beroNet GmbH released the world’s first cloud managed telephony appliance with an integrated Hypervisor capable of running silently on less than 20 Watts.

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