What's CAPI and what it is used for?

According to the website capi.org, "COMMON-ISDN-API (CAPI) is an application programming interface standard used to access ISDN equipment connected to basic rate interfaces (BRI) and primary rate...


Virtualization explained in an easy way

Virtualization in IT is not easy to understand. What is a virtual machine and why should I use one? Let's try to understand.

Companies use different IT programs and services. A medium size...


Add SIP-to-SIP SBC Functionality to any beroNet VoIP Gateway

With the most recent release of beroNet OS comes the ability to interconnect SIP devices, giving each beroNet VoIP Gateway basic SBC functionality.


So long VoIP2DAY 2016

The Voip2day 2016 organized by our Spanish distributor Avanzada7 is over and we already look forward to attending the 10th version. For us, the show represents the best opportunity to meet the main...


Going All-IP the easy and cost effective way

All IP is the new buzzword of the telecommunication industry. But what will the consequences of replacing ISDN networks with ALL IP networks, especially for owners of classic PBX systems? Short...


How to do a Soft Migration to VoIP

If a company is faced with the decision to renew its PBX-infrastructure, from today's perspective a VoIP system is the first choice. VoIP systems offer many advantages such as lower maintenance...


How to choose the right VoIP Gateway

Now that we know what a VoIP Gateway is, we can try and choose the right gateway depending on the need of the end client. To make it easier, we'll simply take the most used scenarios:

  • Connecting...

Gateway firmware 16.1 beta is available

beroNet's 16.1 VoIP Gateway firmware is now available for public testing. This update introduces features that increase both the speed and simplicity of installing a beroNet VoIP Gateway. To...


We Updated our Gateway Firmware Numbering System

Improved Development Techniques Reflected in Updated Gateway Firmware Numbering

After adopting a new development technique we improved our ability to rapidly add useful features and squash pesky...


How to connect two distant sites via VoIP

VoIP systems and internet connectivity provide a unique opportunity for companies with multiple locations to communicate inexpensively around the world. With the proper technology, it is possible...

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