How to attract more business as a VoIP expert

New business development in VoIP follows many of the same principles used in other markets; most important of these principles is to ensure that you are where your customers are. Today people look to...


What is a VoIP Gateway?

What is a VoIP gateway? A VoIP gateway is a bridge between classic telephony technology and new VoIP technology that allows communication to cross from one form of technology to the other.


Peter Johnson wins CeBIT All-IP Challenge

Peter Johnson from Schwartz GmbH & Co. KG wins a VoIP Only Telephony Appliance 2.0 XL after completing the beroNet All-IP Challenge at the CeBIT 2016.


BRI to All-IP Conversion with beroNet's New 4 BRI High Precision Clock Module

beroNet is now offering a 4 BRI high precision clock module; ideal for converting BRI/4S0 PBX systems to All-IP.


beroNet Appliance 2.0 Wins First in Telecommunication Innovation


ISDN and the Role It Plays in Your VoIP Installation

Defining ISDN

Integrated Services Digital Network or ISDN is a set of standards or digital "language" used when sending digital transmissions over the public switched telephone network. There are...


beroNet Builds First Cloud Managed Telephony Appliance

BERLIN - beroNet GmbH released the world’s first cloud managed telephony appliance with an integrated Hypervisor capable of running silently on less than 20 Watts.


beroNet VoIP Technology Available Locally in Belgium

BERLIN December 4, 2015 – beroNet GmbH, manufacturer of VoIP technology, announces its partnership with value added Belgium distributor Techware; providing local access to beroNet VoIP technology in...


beroNet VoIP Gateways and Appliances are now fully certified by Elastix

BERLIN, November 23, 2015 - After extensive compatibility testing, beroNet GmbH, a VoIP technology manufacturer, announces a technical partnership with the open source PBX Elastix; ensuring seamless...


Eliminate the risk of using a hosted PBX system

Picture a busy day in your office. Phones are ringing. People are asking for your service and they are willing to pay a lot for it. Then without warning, all the phones go silent. Your colleagues...

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