What is a VoIP gateway? A VoIP gateway is a bridge between classic telephony technology and new VoIP technology that allows communication to cross from one form of technology to the other.

A VoIP Gateway Functions as a Bridge

With a VoIP gateway in place and acting as a bridge, you can then create backup routes to ensure that each call is successful. This also provides you with an opportunity to create a least-cost-routing scenario that then directs calls over the least expensive network - sending it through the PSTN, GSM or VoIP depending on the call destination.

Some newer VoIP gateways have additional functionalities that allow them to act as more than a bridge. For example, beroNet Gateways can be enhanced through the use of Apps. Such apps can then transform the device into a Survival Branch Appliance - enabling the gateway to act as a backup to hosted or off-site IP-PBX systems.

Quality gateways have built in alert systems that can inform you when a device no longer functions properly. When such an alert is received it is often a sign that there may be network problems at the gateway location that should be dealt with. With beroNet gateways, this alert system is built into a full Cloud solution that also provides you with a way to make modifications to the device or schedule tasks such as updating the firmware or conducting a backup or restore using the beroNet Cloud portal.

Though VoIP Gateways have been present in the market for a number of years, not all devices are made equally. Therefore be sure to do your research before deciding which gateway to rely on for your specific setup and needs.

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what is a voip gateway

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