VoIP Gateways function as a translation device or bridge that connects old analog or ISDN telecommunication technologies with the newer SIP or VoIP systems. Though the device itself is simple, it is not always clear how it fits into your modern VoIP communication system. In the infographic below we outline four different scenarios for beroNet VoIP Gateways: All-IP, Soft Migration, Mini-Appliance and failover. We then added a fifth scenario that hangs on your creativity.

BeroNet VoIP Gateways can run apps. Using our developer guide, you can develop individual apps for beroNet Gateways. Our newest VoIP Gateway even has a microSD slot to add more storage for this functionality. With this in place you can run apps to enhance your VoIP communication system.

 When to us e a VoIP Gateway - Infograhpic


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