VoIP Gateways function as a translation device or bridge that connects old analog or ISDN telecommunication technologies with the newer SIP or VoIP systems. Though the device itself is simple, it is not always clear how it fits into your modern VoIP communication system. In the infographic below we outline four different scenarios for beroNet VoIP Gateways: All-IP, Soft Migration, Mini-Appliance and failover. We then added a fifth scenario that hangs on your creativity.

Scenario 1: All-IP

All-IP became a buzzword after a number of ISDN service providers decided to stop providing ISDN services. That left businesses wondering what to do with their ISDN telephone system (PBX) when their provider cuts them off.  It is possible to use a VoIP or IP adapter, otherwise known as a VoIP Gateway, to connect an ISDN or analog PBX with a SIP trunk.


Scenario 2: Soft Migration

Switching from an ISDN PBX to an IP-PBX "cold turkey" may be faster and easier, it is not always recommended. This scenario provides companies with the option to slowly move from an old PBX to a new PBX or telephone system. In a soft migration you can take a portion of your company over to the new IP-PBX to test function and usage scenarios. Soft migrations are further recommended as it allows more time for internal training, documentation and employee buy-in. More details about what to consider when doing a soft migration are available in our soft migration white paper.


Scenario 3: Mini Appliance

Some VoIP gateways can run small IP-PBX systems. This allows them to take on many of the same functionalities as an ISDN PBX used in small offices. For example, a beroNet device has the ability to run a small Asterisk IP-PBX system. 


Scenario 4: Failover

Redundancy in telephone systems is important - especially if you want to ensure that they are always working. A VoIP Gateway can provide failover routes to ISDN, Analog or GSM service providers.


Scenario 5: More with Apps

VoIP gateways from beroNet can run apps that add additional functionality. With apps it is possible to turn a gateway into a survival branch appliance, or setup a VPN directly on the gateway with OpenVPN.


When to us e a VoIP Gateway - Infograhpic


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Jeff Stahlnecker

Author: Jeff Stahlnecker

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