New business development in VoIP follows many of the same principles used in other markets; most important of these principles is to ensure that you are where your customers are. Today people look to the internet to provide useful information to help them make a decision. At this time there is limited information on the Web about VoIP that can be easily understood by someone not proficient in tech jargon. As a VoIP integrator working with businesses on a daily basis, you are in a unique position to know the questions and answer them jargon-free on your website.

Answering basic questions is a good start. You also want to help your potential customers visualize how their life would change if they used the system you install. You can help with this by providing case studies on your website. A simple case study that outlines the problems or issues solved by you will help customers with similar problems see how you successfully solved these problems in the past and recognize your as an authority or expert on these issues.

Next - gather testimonials and publish them. Testimonials will help to demonstrate whether or not your customers are pleased with your work and why.


Why this approach works
By publishing useful content on the web search engines will rank your site as more useful - providing you with more search traffic that can be converted to leads and customers.

This method also hits your potential customer offline. By publishing useful information and answers to common VoIP questions you establish yourself as an authority figure in the realm of VoIP. People tend to respect the recommendations and opinions of established authority figures.

Lastly — case studies and testimonials demonstrate that others have chosen you over your competition. This is a strong element that people use on a daily basis to make decisions that psychologists call “social proof.”

The principle of social proof “states that one means we use to determine what is correct is to find out what other people think is correct." - From the book Influence by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D


Jeff Stahlnecker

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