Improved Development Techniques Reflected in Updated Gateway Firmware Numbering

After adopting a new development technique we improved our ability to rapidly add useful features and squash pesky bugs. To better reflect this change and more accurately represent the updates and improvements in the firmware, we modified our method for numbering new firmware versions from a standard 3.0 system, to one that represents the year of its release, similar to the method used by Ubuntu.

The new versioning scheme will have the last 2 digits of the current year and an incrementing 2 digit number in it:

  • $YY.$DD

As an example our first firmware in 2016 is the 16.01 (equals to the 3.1 firmware), the next one will be 16.02. The first one in 2017 will be 17.01.

Jeff Stahlnecker

Author: Jeff Stahlnecker

Enthusiastic and insightful digital storyteller and technology enthusiast. Director of Marketing Communications and PR at beroNet.

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