beroNet is now offering a 4 BRI high precision clock module; ideal for converting BRI/4S0 PBX systems to All-IP.

Gateways equipped with the 4 BRI high precision module will reduce the potential for data loss or corruption when working with FAX or DECT. Modules without a high precision clock have a higher risk for occasional data glitches caused by a microscopic shift in the clock settings between the gateway and the PBX. When working strictly with voice communication, these microscopic gaps are unnoticeable. However with data transmission these gaps could result in transmission failure. The high precision module will eliminate this gap; thereby decreasing the likelihood of end customers noticing any difference between their ISDN service provider and new VoIP service provider.

beroNet’s new 4BRI/4S0 High Precision Module is currently available on direct request only.

Jeff Stahlnecker

Author: Jeff Stahlnecker

Enthusiastic and insightful digital storyteller and technology enthusiast. Director of Marketing Communications and PR at beroNet.

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