beroNet’s management team are extremely enthusiastic about the web-based trainings completed in November of this year. The company’s trainers kicked off the two-hour training program for beginners on 27th November, with 20 participants attending the course. The training was interactive: participants were able to ask questions by voice or using the web chat functionality. Naturally there was a break in the middle of the training session.  Feedback following this initial training session has been extremely positive. Participants particularly liked the level of interactivity and the ability to ask questions via voice or chat.

web trainerA second and more advanced web-based training course took place on 28th November. The trainers were equally as enthusiastic about the training as the participants. The following is a direct excerpt from one participant:

"This was exactly the sort of training we needed! The content was helpful and relevant in the use of beroNet gateways (with our customers). The training itself was practical and extremely enjoyable."

Limiting the number of participants was part of this initial trial of the web-based training courses. However, beroNet’s management team sees the opportunity to expand the number of participants to up to 50 in the coming year, given the web-based medium. Furthermore in 2020, there are plans to run the training course in English.

Certificates will be issued to participants in order that they have proof of their attendance and detailing their level of understanding following the training (which will be assessed in a short online test). beroNet see this as a means to increase participant motivation and engagement and qualified participants also mean better and higher quality solutions for customers who will, as a result be more likely to choose beroNet in the future.


More analog gateway ports are coming in the new year

In 2020, beroNet also plan to enhance the analogue Gateway with an increased number of ports (from 16 to 24). This will significantly boost the potential for re-use (in comparison to the previous infrastructure). However analogue devices will still need to be connected via cable. Therefore, the increased number of ports offers the potential of adding more devices to the network. The delivery of new gateway ports is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020.

The current 16-port analogue gateway has just passed a successful functional test in the Indian / Asian region and can therefore be used without restrictions, despite the high temperatures and humidity in the regions.

Dirk Weckerle

Author: Dirk Weckerle

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