BERLIN -BeroNet GmbH, Europe’s leading manufacturer of ISDN, Analog, Hybrid and Fixed GSM VoIP PCI Cards, Gateways and Appliances, has today launched 'BeroCloud', the world’s first SaaS Cloud based Solution that empowers its rapidly growing base of Solution Providers and Carriers to manage their installed base of BeroNet devices through any web browser.

As a Cloud SaaS solution, BeroCloud now solves a serious industry problem empowering VoIP Solution Providers and Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) to remotely monitor their systems, batch update firmware, backup configurations, recover settings, create projects and schedule automatic tasks. BeroCloud is now available in Beta and exclusively by invitation for BeroNet Certified Solution Providers.

Nadahl Shocair, long time telecommunications industry expert and adviser to BeroNet stated, “ BeroCloud is a game changer for the entire VoIP PBX Solution Provider and Carrier industry. Unlike any other VoIP PCI Card or Gateway solution on the global market, this is a World First as it allows every customer of BeroNet to make the easy leap into the Cloud to effectively and efficiently manage and monitor their entire installed base of BeroNet VoIP PCI Cards and Gateways through the ubiquity of the internet and from any device, be it their desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone.”

About BeroNet GmbH. BeroNet GmbH was founded in 2002 and is the leading European designer and manufacturer of ISDN, Analogue, Hybrid and GSM VoIP access technologies through driver–free and modular low, medium and high density PCI Cards and Gateways. BeroNet is dedicated to bringing the world advancements in cutting edge VoIP telephony access solutions empowering the evolution and embrace of next generation of IP communications with technologies that combine the best of the Internet with the best of the existing fixed and mobile telephony infrastructure, breaking down the barriers to communications and making it easier and cheaper for people and businesses everywhere and anywhere to communicate. Visit




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