CeBIT 2015 – Hanover, beroNet shared exhibition booth with snom, Hall 13, booth C42

Berlin, February 24rd 2015 - beroNet, German manufacturer of Cloud Managed VoIP Gateways and Appliances presents at the CeBIT its new Gateway as well as its new Telephony Appliance.

The big talking point that the telecommunications industry is moving at the moment is especially the planned shut-down of ISDN to ALL IP. Sooner or later this could mean in the worst case, that calls could not be possible anymore via ISDN for owners of classic PBXs. One possible solution could be Medium or long-term the migration to VoIP. In this scenario a VoIP Gateway can simulate ISDN and the classic PBX can be furthermore operated with ALL IP. This can reduce costs and thus enhance the competitiveness.

beroNet provides with the via Cloud configurable VoIP Gateways and Appliances the necessary technology in order to fulfill the complex requirements for a successful restructuring. The beroNet Gateways can be used as an access technology for modern VoIP systems, as break-out solution for traditional telephone systems to VoIP providers or as an adapter between the different communication technologies.

At the CeBIT 2015 beroNet presents to 2 new products: the new beroNet Gateway and the new beroNet Telephony Appliance.

The new beroNet VoIP Gateway is Cloud Managed and can be equipped with up to 3 modules. It has an SD card slot and T1 support. More Features: 12 Ports (no T-Adapter necessary), App-Store (DHCP-Server, VPN, PPPoE, Asterisk) as well as SBC support. With its T1 support it is the ideal solution for the US market and for VoIP providers.

In addition beroNet introduces its new Telephony Appliance. It is equipped with the beroNet hypervisor which enables the installation of PBXs as virtual machines. Also other telecommunications applications such as Fax servers can be executed simultaneously on the same device. The new Appliance offers up to 8GB of RAM, hardware virtualization and 3 module slots. In addition, apps can be installed via Cloud (3CX, Asterisk, Faxserver) as well as Backups of already installed Images can be created and restored. The new Appliance is the perfect solution for IT and Telecommunication integrators and offers the ideal platform for next generation Software PBXs.

„As technological innovation leader in the sector of VoIP, Cloud Managed VoIP Gateways and Appliances beroNet is able to present on the world's biggest IT fair even 2 new product innovations. With the beroNet App-Store we offer a variety of Software Upgrades for our approved Gateways“ -  says beroNet CEO Christian Richter.

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Author: beroNet GmbH

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